Responsible Person Cover UK and EU

  • £552.00

To sell on the EU or the UK markets it is necessary to have a legal representative present in that territory who can take responsibility for complying with the legal obligations of the cosmetic regulations.

The name can be a bit misleading at first sight.  The legal representative can by a person.  But it can also be a company, and in almost every case it is.  Very few individuals launch cosmetics in their own name.

What this means in practice is that if you are selling into either the UK or the EU from the outside you need a partner who is legally present on the market to represent your brand on the market.  This partner's name needs to be on your packaging, and they need to be able to communicate issues that arise in the market back to you.

We represent a diverse collection of companies in this capacity and have been dealing with the kinds of issues that arise from them.  We can offer an affordable solution to this problem.  

(This service is as straight forward as we have been able to make it - but we suggest talking to us directly before taking us up on it.  There are plenty of matters needing to be arranged before cover can be put in place.)