CPSR Safety Assessment - Safety Assessment For A Cosmetic Product

CPSR Safety Assessment - Safety Assessment For A Cosmetic Product

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A vital part of the Product Information File, or PIF file, is the safety assessment or CPSR (Consumer Product Safety Assessment) as some people call it.

These have been around since the 1990s and I have been involved with both writing them and commissioning them throughout that time. 

My Approach To Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment

I have an extensive database of raw materials that I have been building up for the last thirty years and have routines worked out for carrying out all the necessary calculations.  This enables me to produce a very thorough report very quickly and therefore relatively cheaply.  It also includes a proposed ingredient list for the pack along with all the required allergens.

Also, as an experienced formulator I am able to give a second opinion on the suitability of your formulation and the ingredients you have selected for the purpose intended.  In the event of the formulation not meeting the required standard I can often suggest possible solutions, and whenever possible pass the modified formulation without further cost.

Choosing A Safety Assessor

It is important to have a safety assessor that meets your particular needs. These are going to vary quite a lot from business to business, and I am not going to suggest you use me if your needs don't align with what I am offering.

If you need an assessor that has the kind of experience of the world of cosmetics to make sure that your report doesn't have any snags that can trip you up at a later stage, then I may well be the assessor for you.

Products I Don't Assess

You really want to have an assessor who understands your product so that if any unexpected difficulties arise later he or she is in a position to help.  For this reason I don't do assessments on product types that I am not thoroughly familiar with.  The main types I have to turn down are toothpastes and hair dyes.

What I'll Need

The more information you can provide the better report I can prepare.  In some cases all I'd need would be the formulation.  My database is something I've been building up over 30 years and I have about 4,000 raw materials on it, and I am continually updating it.  There is a good chance that I already have the full details of most or possibly all the ingredients you are using.

Other things that I will either need or which would be useful to have are -

 - directions for use

-  micro testing data

- Cosmetic GMP compliance assurance

- stability data

I always like to see a finished product in the final pack, but appreciate that this isn't always possible.

I have tried to give all the relevant information here, but a safety assessment can be complicated so feel free to forward any questions to colin@colinsbeautypages.co.uk

Note - The price quoted includes VAT. The price without VAT is £190.  If you have a set of related formulations, for example a soap with the same base but a range of colours and fragrances, then each extra one only costs £36 with VAT (£30 without VAT).  

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