Colin's Cosmetic Consultancy

My name is Colin Sanders and I have worked in the cosmetic and topical pharmaceutical businesses for more than thirty years as a formulator, a lab manager and latterly as a blogger, writer and consultant.  I now spend my time looking for solutions to problems for entrepreneurs and technical staff working in cosmetic and pharmaceutical product development.  This includes sourcing, regulatory compliance and education materials and just talking.  

Despite having formulated hundreds of products that have generated millions of sales in dozens of countries, I am best known for my blog Colin's Beauty Pages - even though it is a relatively small part of what I do.  But feel free to have a look at it if you want to get a better idea of the kinds of things I do.

If I sound like the kind of person who might help you with your activities feel free to get in touch.  I have set up this shop to outline some of the things I offer, but this is limited to those things which can be easily specified.  I can also tailor my services to your needs.

Even if there is nothing that I can particularly offer you, I hope you will find some valuable content in the associated blog.

(PS - if you have previously visited my blog you will notice that nearly all the content that used to be there has now gone. Don't worry, it hasn't been lost.  I am going through it and adding it in this new format as time permits.)

In my career as a technical manager I had many occasions to hire consultants myself.  None of them ever used this kind of website to communicate with potential customers. The big ones had very professional looking websites which didn't actually tell me the main thing I wanted to know - how much was it going to cost me.  You had to get in touch to get an idea of what they charged. The independent ones you tend to find from word of mouth.  But again you had to get in touch to find out what kind of dent they were likely to make on the budget.  Now many services are indeed rather complex and pricing them is a tricky business.  So setting up this format with fixed prices for fixed services that anyone including my competitors can see is something of an experiment and indeed something of a risk.  Please let me know what you think.