3 Month Basic Stability Protocol

3 Month Basic Stability Protocol

  • £252.00

Samples are placed at 4ºC, Room Temperature, 30ºC and 40ºC for 3 months and examined regularly by experienced scientists. This standard protocol will give you all the information you need to demonstrate that your product is stable.  This is basically to confirm what you already know and will quickly and cheaply give you a report that will slot into your PIF file.

We need 4 samples in packs as close to those intended for the market as possible.  Optionally, if you can also provide sufficient product we can include viscosity and pH measurements, if appropriate to the product.  Stability studies are often a case of cutting the coat to the cloth - in a development programme it isn't always possible to have the ideal.  We will do what we can to help, but bear in mind that if this involves repotting products this might incur an extra charge.

If your product is sold in a sachet, such as a face or foot mask which is not returned to its original packaging after use, we request 12 sachets for stability testing so that a new mask can be opened and inspected at each time point across the study.

Note, if there is water in your product we also recommend micro testing, for which we require a minimum of 150g of product. 

At the end of the study you receive a full report of the findings.