Products Ready To Go

If you are looking for ready to go bases then this is the right place for you.

This is a new offering from Colin's Cosmetic Consulting, launched with a small selection of base products, which we will continuously add to.

We have launched with a lotion and wash base which can be purchased unfragranced or with a customised fragrance as per your request. 

Bases can serve as a ready to go product just as they are but are referred to as bases as they can be customised in terms of colour, but most popularly in terms of fragrance.

The 5L containers are a very efficient way to purchase this type of stock, as it can be stored until such time you are ready to decant into smaller packaging when needed.

Ingredient lists and MSDS sheets are available to download from the product listing page but please note, if you plan to sell these products on you will need a safety assessment which you can purchase from us. Please see the regulatory offerings section via the homepage or contact us for more information.


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