Beauty Launch Bootcamp April 2022

Do you want to launch a cosmetic product?

Do you have an idea but need to find out how to carry it forward?

At Colin's Cosmetic Consultancy we work on product launches all the time. We have developed our Beauty Launch Bootcamp
 to share what we have learned with those who are serious about launching a product.

We are excited to announce that we will be holding our first ever bootcamp on Wednesday 27th April 2022 at Plus X Innovation Hub in Brighton.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided with talks given by experts from Colin's Cosmetic Consultancy who have over 20 years experience in the industry.

We are also pleased to announce a guest appearance by Natalie Balmond, founder of Pure Potions Skin Salvation, today known as Balmonds Skin Salvation, the widely renowned eczema balm. After formulating the product herself, Natalie made an appearance on Dragons Den and later secured investment that has taken her product into various retail platforms including Boots, QVC and Holland and Barrett. Natalie is about to launch another brand based on CBD skincare and has a great deal of insight and experience to share with other entrepreneurs who wish to achieve the same success.

Areas covered will focus on:

  • Identifying your product idea and unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Should you protect your intellectual property?
  • Examining successful case studies
  • Funding. How much will you need? Where can you get it?
  • Product formulation. Does it work? what does it cost? where can you get it made? what can you sell it for?
  • Accreditations and standards. What are they? how they can help you, how to manage them
  • Regulations and paperwork needed to sell your product legally. This covers safety assessments, product registration and stability
  • Ongoing support in the marketplace

The number of places on the bootcamp will be limited to 12 to create a more intimate and personalised experience.

To ensure that attendee concepts and product ideas do not heavily overlap, we ask those wishing to attend to complete the screening form below before purchasing a ticket. After submission we will quickly review your application, and if approved, we will invite you to complete your ticket purchase after which you will receive further details about the event location including travel routes and options to the venue location.

Please note: If you are concerned about sharing your product idea we are more than happy to put a non disclosure agreement (NDA) in place to confirm that Colin's Cosmetic Consultancy will not share it. On the day of the event we will ask attendees to sign an NDA so everyone can talk freely about their ideas and receive personalised advice without fear of it being discussed by others after the event. 

We look forward to reading your submissions to the form below and hope to see you at Beauty Launch Bootcamp April 2022!

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