About CCC

Colin’s Cosmetic Consultancy exists to solve problems in the cosmetic industry.  I have worked in the cosmetic and topical pharmaceutical business for 30 years and in that time have both encountered a lot of problems and met a lot of people.  If you have an issue there is a good chance I can do something to help resolve it, or know someone who does.


Consultancy Services 

Creating the product

Formulation Development – my background is as a cosmetic formulator and I have created many formulations over the 30 years I have been working.

Stability Testing – make sure you have the appropriate stability protocol for your needs.

Micro Testing – nobody wants bugs.

Toxicology assessment – a legal requirement, but also a great help to a good night’s sleep.  Make sure your product is safe for its intended use.

PIP File Compilation – get all the documentation you need to keep the right side of the cosmetic regulations put together and maintained to the standard you need.

Making the Product

Packaging and production – identify the best suppliers and contractors to suit your project.

Promoting the Product

Advertising copy – it isn’t always easy getting the unique feature of your product into language the consumers understand.  I have been working on this problem for over 5 years with my blog Colin’s Beauty Pages.   With over half a million views since it started, I think I am getting the hang of it.

Inquire via the contact form or e-mail Colin at colinsbeautypages dot co dot uk.


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