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Colin’s Cosmetic Consultancy exists to solve problems in the cosmetic industry.  I have worked in the cosmetic and topical pharmaceutical business for 30 years and in that time have both encountered a lot of problems and met a lot of people.  If you have an issue there is a good chance I can do something to help resolve it, or know someone who does.


Consultancy Services 

Creating the product

Formulation Development – my background is as a cosmetic formulator and I have created many formulations over the 30 years I have been working.

Stability Testing – make sure you have the appropriate stability protocol for your needs.

Micro Testing – nobody wants bugs.

Toxicology assessment – a legal requirement, but also a great help to a good night’s sleep.  Make sure your product is safe for its intended use.

PIP File Compilation – get all the documentation you need to keep the right side of the cosmetic regulations put together and maintained to the standard you need.

Making the Product

Packaging and production – identify the best suppliers and contractors to suit your project.

Promoting the Product

Advertising copy – it isn’t always easy getting the unique feature of your product into language the consumers understand.  I have been working on this problem for over 5 years with my blog Colin’s Beauty Pages.   With over half a million views since it started, I think I am getting the hang of it.

Inquire via the contact form or e-mail Colin at colinsbeautypages dot co dot uk.


11 responses to “About CCC

  1. Hi. I’m browsing around a few places to find a safety assessor for perfume oils, but I’ve come across conflicting information. Can you tell me which tests I am legally obliged to have done, and recommend anyone who can do them?

    • Colin Sanders

      Hello Rachel,

      If you mean perfume oils that are supplied to be used in the making of perfumes, no they don’t need to be assessed. The final product that is sold to the consumer needs to be assessed. I do safety assessments myself but I restrict myself to product categories on which I have worked as I want to make sure I am a credible witness if I ever get dragged into court to defend what I have written. As I’ve never done any work in fine fragrances I won’t assess them.

  2. Hi Colin, what is your cost, for assessing one soap recipe. Diane.

  3. Hi Colin
    I am looking at getting my products safety assessed, do you have to have both the ingredients and final product assessed. All of the ingredients I use are from a soap supplier that already have their ingredients certified. What do you charge to assess a product? I mostly do soap but occasionally lip balm and bath bombs. Thanks

    • The rules were drawn up with no regard to people doing what you are doing Debbie. The regulations require that the formulation itself is assessed. There is no system in place for individual ingredients to be certified.

  4. Hi Colin,

    I have been making soaps for friends and family for a while and recently have been approached to sell in a shop which is great news, however I obviously now need to look at them being assessed. I only use melt and pour method, so the base of the soap has already had a safety assessment, I just add natural mineral powder and colouring. Would I still need to have this assessed? And what are your costs for this?

    Many thanks,


    • Do make sure to get the safety assessment for the base. In my opinion that should be enough. I am not sure what a natural mineral powder is in this context. Most minerals are safe and all are natural, but it is possible for a mineral to be dangerous. If it is powdered cinnabar or galena or something like that you might have a problem. Don’t forget to put it on the CPNP portal. I have a very reasonably priced Kindle book on the cosmetic regulations which includes detailed instructions on the registration process if you want more information.

  5. Hi Colin,

    I have been using a shampoo and conditioner that has absolutely been making the tips of my fingers peel. It is Pureology shampoo and it used to be ok for my skin. I am looking for a shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair that does not contain harsh chemicals especiallyMETHYLCHLOROISOTHIAZOLINONE!
    Please help!

  6. Tracey Piggott

    I have read the above threads. I just need to make sure I get the facts completely correct. I make soaps with the melt and pour process meaning, I purchase the soap bases from a supplier along with the fragrance and colours. All of the items in the soap have a safety assessment already. Being as I only design the end product; do I still need a safety assessment on the finished product? Naturally I would still label the products as legally required? Kind regards. Tracey.

    • Colin Sanders

      Hello Tracey – I don’t think I can add anything to what has already been written. I have simply expressed my opinion and provided a platform for other people to do the same. I hope what I and others have written is helpful but can’t go beyond that.

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